Meter Proving of Liquids and Sales Meters

Meter Proving

Precision Proving Ltd. offers on-site Meter Proving of liquids and sales meters which include: Coriolis, P.D., Turbine and Vortex.  Our meter provers are equipped with Coriolis densitometers reading live density, Rosemount Smart transmitters for pressure and temperature.  All this information, along with meter pulses, is automatically fed into our proving computer eliminating the human error factor.

We also offer Prover re-calibration using the gravimetric water draw method.  Our water draw unit is completely portable for stationary units or mobile units.  We can also water draw here in our shop located at 216 Birch Road NE, Slave Lake, AB.

Precision Proving Ltd is a member of ISNetworld, Comply Works, WCB of Alberta, Work Safe BC and is SCOR certified.

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